Nothing but a flat circle.

Well, the time for rest is over, and it’s once again time to attack. We are entering week 1.

I’ll be posting once a week this time around, instead of last year’s schedule of one a day. I’m curious to see what I can do with a week to work at a goal, what I can produce. Also, I feel like I know myself better this time around, so I’m starting with a steadier foundation. I’ve also already started prepping for week 1’s post.

So, here’s to a fantastic year. See you all at the finish line, right?

366/365 or 0/52

So, it’s been an entire year since I started Year of the Creep, and I made it to the finish line. Posting that 365th picture was a pretty rad feeling. Over the last year I’ve made some photos I really love and some I would rather forget, but in the end, I have to say I learned a lot. Technical skills yes, but more so things like the ability to plan, to adapt and to be dedicated. Most importantly, I feel like I found a much more personal voice in my work.

So how do I feel on day 366/365? Honestly, a little lost. I feel like I’ve forgotten to do something important. I don’t like it. So what’s to be done about this? Start another year long project, duh.

So starts Year of the Creep II: Sequel of the Creep.

One post per week for a year.

More details to follow.

Stay tuned friends.